Fire Tragedy in Cicero and Community Support

Published On January 14, 2016 |

Early Monday morning January 11th 2016 a large scale fire broke out on in an apartment building at the corner of 14th and 51st court, literally outside of our office windows at the Joe Virruso Center. The Joe Virruso Center has been closed due to renovations for the last few months but once news caught wind of what was happening to our neighbors, The Community Outreach Department’s Director Eddie Lopez quickly assembled his staff and rushed to the scene to open the center to keep families and first responders warm and away from all the smoke that was billowing out of the fire during all of the insanity that was unfolding in front of everybody’s eyes. The Town of Cicero’s Fire Department and Police Department, along with some amazing support from fellow fire departments from Stickney, Berwyn, and Forest Park, went above and beyond jumping in and out of the building while still ablaze to secure the building and help families rest at ease as they committed to rescuing pets including dogs, turtles, fish and more. An elderly individual was even put at ease when firefighters went back for her much needed medication and passport as she was supposed to return home to Mexico the next day. In total 4 units were completely affected by the fire and families are in seek of help in these confusing and tragic times.

We’re reaching out to fellow residents who are willing to help in any way possible with donations of baby formula (photo of the brand used is included in the gallery at the end of this article), diapers, clothing, non-perishable foods, dog food, turtle food, fish food, and any offerings of information families can seek help through. Donations will be accepted all week through the 15th at The New Cicero Resource Center located at 6019 w. 26th Street (One Block West of 26th Street and Austin Blvd) – Hours are 11am-6pm Monday through Friday, our office number is 708-863-7232

One family in particular has provided the following details for any type of clothing donations for their little ones:
previous comments state: My daughter is 11 she’s a 14, my son is 7 he’s a medium, my 3 year old is a 4t, my baby she’s in 6 months The little baby girl is 6 months in clothes, the 3 year old boy is a 4t, the 7 year old boy is a medium/8, the oldest girl is a 14/16 in girls. mother is a medium/large and her husband a 2xl / Baby Diaper Size is 2 / you can contact her aunt Madeline at  708-712-8141

Majorly needed is adult male clothes, food, toiletries, pet food

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