Breakin’ Boundaries

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Breaking is a dance form known around the world as “Break-dancing”, born through the Hip-Hop culture that took the world by storm in the mid 70’s through today. Easily recognized by fluid acrobatic moves, ground work, and funky expressions of self through various genres of music. The breaking community has grown to reach every corner of the planet, with representation in every form of multimedia, to large scale international competitive events, to long term careers and success stories by many of the dancers around the planet. The dance form has evolved to unimaginable visions of movement and self expression, truly letting individuals develop a true style that they identify with from the deepest roots of self.


  • Brief overview of the history, culture, and the art of Breaking dance form, commonly known to the general public and media outlets as “Break-dancing”
  • A focus on physical education, safety, rhythm, coordination, balance, and team work.
  • A large focus on developing individual style of self expression through the dance form.
  • Understanding fundamentals of music structure and how to relate and react to it through dance.
  • Touching basics on creating and executing routines with a partner


Students will be versed on how to identify and promote themselves as performance artists. Touching on basics of marketing and promoting their new found skills, as well as protecting themselves through possible business encounters with clients and engaging in fair practices in the entertainment industry.

Select individuals showing promise may be given the opportunity to shadow our instructors at outside events for on-site real world experience. Examples of these events would be instructors own personal events they are booked for, local community events through the Town of Cicero or it’s affiliates, etc.


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