Juvenile Improvement Program

Our Mission  The Town of Cicero, the Cicero Police Department, local school districts and social service providers are dedicated to making positive changes in our community. We are committed to providing a program featuring sound disciplinary training and counseling services, presented with compassion, dedication and integrity, for our non-violent youth in an effort to rehabilitate them and ultimately redirect them away from making poor life choices.


The Juvenile Improvement Program is for non-violent male and female youths who range in age from 12 to 17 years old. A youth must be referred to the program and a parent/legal guardian must sign a waiver that gives consent for the youth to participate in the Program. The court system, social service providers, law enforcement agencies, schools and parents may refer a youth to the Juvenile Improvement Program. To be accepted into the Juvenile Improvement Program, the youth must meet certain criteria, such as displaying aggressive behavior, truancy, academic failure, violating curfew, involvement with serious family conflicts, or committing certain non-violent criminal offenses. Once this assessment has taken place and the youth is accepted to the Program, information regarding the orientation date, time and place will be given to the youth and his or her parent(s).

The orientation for the Program will consist of a series of stations that the youth and his or her parent(s) will go through. Before going through these stations, an overview of the Program, its rules, regulations and the expectations for the youth and the parent(s) will be discussed. These stations will include, enrollment and waiver signing, and $25.00 fee. Once the youths have been assessed are admitted into the program, they will go through a consecutive six (6) week program, three (3) days a week (with the exception of holidays) in which they will participate in each of the three (3) program components.


Case Management

The Case Management portion of the program will be considered the Administrative part of the program. It will consist of coordinating and monitoring the youths and the program as a whole as well as promoting positive youth development.

Community Service

The Community Service portion of the program will include services to the community such as: property graffiti removal, community clean-up, senior services/positive interaction program, municipal fleet wash,etc.

Conflict Resolution / Mentoring

The Conflict Resolution / Mentoring portion of this program will include informational videos about drug and alcohol awareness, gang awareness, as well as preventing violence and bullying. Group discussions with the Instructors will take place where they can discuss the video and similarities of what they may be experiencing compared to the video. Different activities and/or events will also take place during this program component, for example presenting motivational and reality speakers.


This program is primarily for court or school mandated individuals, but if you feel your child may need this type of assistance please contact our office to set up a consultation

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