Summer Camp 2018 Graduation Recap

Published On August 17, 2018 |

A huge round of congratulations to our 2018 Summer Camp students graduating last week. The day was filled with recognition and reflection on the importance of nurturing the creative outlets of our local youth, supporting goals and aspirations, and recognizing the support of parents in their young ones lives. Students showcased various works of art from over the summer, showcased dance routines, performed guitar licks, mixed and manipulated music for the crowd, passionately sang songs, and even performed a complex scene from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet! The talent was just a taste of the talent cultivated in several short summer weeks. Department Director Eddie Lopez shared words of praise with parents for their amazing support and dedication to their children all summer, Derek Dominick also shared a bit of his history and words of encouragement to everyone involved, including students, parents and staff members for their efforts and dedication to mentoring our local youth.