Water Drive for Flint, Michigan Water Crisis

Published On February 23, 2016 |

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We are collecting packs of bottled water and gallon jugs of water to help distribute to citizens of Flint Michigan on March 17th to help provide and distribute as much clean water as possible. If anyone willing to provide any water donations before the 20th, we will be collect water donations through our office at:

The New Cicero Resource Center
6019 w. 26th Street
Monday – Thursday 11am-6pm
Friday 11am-3pm

On Friday February 19th, 2016 our friends at Metro PCS joined forces with us all to collect water donations from each of their local district stores and were able to pull in nearly 100 cases! On February 24th, 2016 the Town of Cicero’s Community Outreach Department and Safety Patrol program came together to collect a huge amount of water from within the program participants families to donate for the water drive, we’re currently at over 200+ cases ready to go! Only a few weeks left, donate today!